Once your tado° devices are installed, it is easy to control heating or cooling via the app and directly on your devices.

Getting started with the tado° app

The tado° app helps you control your heating and cooling from anywhere.

The Home Screen of the app gives you a quick overview of your indoor climate.

This screen shows the measured and target temperature of all your rooms and your hot water zone. It also shows other widgets like Air Comfort, Geofencing, Energy Savings, and Boiler Repair Services.

Tapping on any of the room widgets will take you to that respective Room Screen. Here, you can get more information about the room's indoor climate.

The Room Screen shows the measured temperature, the target temperature and the humidity levels in the room.

Using the Smart Schedule, you can set a personalized heating schedule for the room. You can also see temperature and humidity history for the room by tapping on the Climate Report icon.

Even if you've set a schedule, you can make temporary changes to the temperature or settings at any time via the app.


The Settings section of the main menu helps you to manage your tado° Home and your devices.

In this section, you can:

  • change settings for tado° Skills
  • add or remove devices
  • add or edit Home details
  • add or remove people from your tado° Home
  • set or change individual Room settings
  • modify Notification settings


In the More section of the main menu, you can get access to the Help Center, provide feedback or get more info about tado°.

Please head to our dedicated Applications section to read more about the tado° app.


Controlling tado° directly on your devices
You can manually change the target temperature directly on all your tado° devices.

Learn more about the different symbols you will see on the display of your tado° devices here:

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